What is the meaning of SEO?

SEO is an acronym that comes from the expression Search Engine Optimization.

It is the technique that consists of optimizing a website to reach the best possible positioning in Internet search engines. In other words, a site that respects the SEO criteria will appear among the first results that a search engine gives to certain searches.

This translates into a higher number of visitors for the site in question compared to those who appear more delayed in searches. Suppose a user enters Google and searches for “restaurants in Saint Lucia”.

The first site to appear on the first page of results is El Mejillón Restaurant. The site of this restaurant, therefore, has been designed according to the parameters of SEO. On the other hand, sites that just appear on the eighth or ninth page of results, to cite one possibility, do not respect SEO techniques.

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In addition to the above, it is interesting to note that there are fundamentally two different types of SEO: -Off-Site SEO. As its own name already indicates, this is the work that the person in charge of the mentioned SEO carries out in relation to external aspects to what is his web page.

Hence, for example, that is responsible for studying and analyzing issues such as the number of links used and the quality of them, the performance is achieved in the search results, the authority of the brand, the presence you have in what are social networks … -SEO On-Site.

On the other hand, compared to the previous one, the work called in this way is the one that does care about the page itself. Therefore, the person responsible for this work proceeds to improve and optimize it in aspects such as loading time, the format of URL´s or the content itself. It is important to know that search engines such as Google analyze different variables to find sites on the Web and order them in the results of their searches.

The objective of website administrators is that their sites appear in the first places of this classification that the search engine makes: for this reason, the SEO process consists of studying the ordering variables and respecting them in the programming and design of the sites (for example, including keywords in the contents, adding links, etc.). As we have mentioned before, there are many and varied factors that are taken into account by any search engine to come up with results.

However, among the most important there are two fundamentally: -The relationship or relevance of the established search and the page in question. In this sense, among other things, it will value the number of times the term you are looking for appears within the search.

The popularity of the website is that it is believed that the more known this content is, the more quality it will offer. Since the algorithms used by search engines to analyze the sites are changing, the SEO criteria are also updated over time and force to renew the sites.