SEO Contest Uwelcome2019

What is the SEO Contest UWELCOME2019?

The Best seo contest Uwelcome2019

The SEO contest Uwelcome2019 is the most existing SEO competition taking place in Toronto. A selected group of competitors was gathered to join the contest. In this contest, these SEOs will measure the strength of their skills.

The contest will last two months and anyone is allowed to use as many techniques each one knows to climb the SERPs and end up ranking NUMERO UNO.

If you work in the field of Search Engine Optimization. The SEO contest Uwelcome2019 will serve perfectly as a case study to enhance your skills. As the contest moves on, I will be sharing tips on how to have better results and be found in the Google SERPs.

8 reasons to participate in the best SEO Contest Uwelcome2019:

      1. Improve your knowledge with this SEO contest in 2019

        The basic objective when you participate in an SEO contest is to generate greater visibility on the SERPs.
        Reinforce your presence among other Search Engine Optimization professionals that are already looking at your SEO rankings.

      2. Attracting users to uwelcome2019

        Propose the Uwelcome competition or draw through Slack or a friendly meeting. Collect the impressions and thoughts of other colleagues. Then draw attention from other individuals involved in projects related to Online Marketing.

      3. Promote yourself by winning this SEO contest Uwelcome2019

        If what you are looking for is to promote your personal brand as an SEO. Launch all you set of skills at once, there will be no regrets. Step hard show the other the techniques implemented in order to win this contest. Winning uwelcome2019 will draw new projects your way.

        Remember, generate more interest among other folks.
        Create a situation in which they can win something, than just the simple contest in 2019.
        Think about it, almost everyone is more open to discovering the benefits of healthy competition if is presented as a game.

      4. Increase the number of contracts related to Search Engine Optimization

        Clients consult Google several times with different demands, and one of the most important is the need for information. For this reason, your participation in this SEO Contest uwelcome2019. Is the ideal channel to reach your clients.

      5. The loyalty of your SEO team

        In an environment of unlimited access to a large volume of information with a single click.
        SEOs have committed to showing the most optimized URLs to others and have made the comparison with other results showed on the SERPs.

        This contest will generate strong competition, which is why it is so important for companies to get as many SEOs in 2019.


      6. Generate organic traffic to your SEO contest website

        You may have just launched it or just want to give it a boost of visits to your page. Well, here you can also hold raffles and social networking contests.

        This way people will retain your website and come back to check it out.

      7. Get to know the opinion of your co-workers

        Capture their personal data, contests, and sweepstakes on Google’s SERPs can be very useful to know the opinion of your friends about your Seo Contest uwelcome2019.

        You will obtain a fast and smart SEO team this year. There will be no losers every one will get a full set of new skills. All just by creating this SEO competition this year.

      8. Brag about the SEO contest uWelcome2019 for life

        People are amazed by how important this competition is becoming in the past few days. After the contest, the winner will be allowed to brag about it every single day.

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    The SEO Contest uWelcome2019: Latest update

    As time goes on the positions on the SERPs are starting to settle. the auto-proclaimed winners are having trouble to show on the search results. Not everyone has been able to rank for the main and most important keyword “SEO Contest uWelcome2019”, despite the fact that it was a search term that doesn’t exist in real life. Many said: is so easy that ranking first, is a piece of cake. in reality, what happened is that the SEO Contest is getting flooded with a massive amount of spammy results. which are ranking higher than the official sites of the official sites competing to rank number 1.

    Now nobody knows for sure if there is a real winner leading this contest. The true colors are showing up and some individuals are using dirty tricks to rank best. This contest has become a real challenge for all, including Papa that is showing on the third page instead of being the first result on the leading search engine.

    What is SEO Contest uWelcome2019?

    SEO Contest uWelcome2019 is an invented word. We can say that it is the contraction of SEO and Evolution. I’ve discovered that word by reading a very funny article about SEO Contest uWelcome2019. We may think that word speaks of the evolution of SEO practices over time and its future but the truth is a word that was created for an SEO contest nothing more.

    A competition of SEO Contest uWelcome2019

    The idea of the SEO contest is to see which Webmaster is capable in the given time of positioning that new word (which never existed before on the internet) in different search engines. The engines are all from Google but from different countries such as USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. Although the idea is not new since several similar contests have existed before, the prizes are interesting. The person who ranks first in one of the search engines will receive a prize of $500. If the same person is able to rank in all 8 search engines, they will also receive an additional prize of $1000. So, in that case, the prize would be $5,000. Interesting, isn’t it?

    The rules of that type of contest

    The word SEO Contest uWelcome2019 was given on January 1 and participants have 2 months to position it. You can use any of their websites if you own the site. You cannot use pages like YouTube, Yahoo answers, etc. The domain that participates in the contest can not have been created in 2014 just older websites.

    The limits of the contest

    The problem of such a contest is that the older websites, which have a high PR, where the author benefits from a very high-Rank author and a great notoriety, of course, have an advantage over others, and without making much effort or optimizing their SEO can easily be positioned in the first results of search engines. That makes it impossible to really measure the quality of SEO work and its optimization. It is also possible to use blackhat techniques to position the word seovolución and thus win the contest and that before Panda or Penguin penalize the page.


    That type of seo contest uwelcome2019 is not really relevant for evaluating the quality of SEO work. Your only interest comes from the possibility of winning an interesting prize and also getting to know yourself as a Toronto  SEO expert.

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